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ODD-1 trouble codes
OBD-1 trouble codes

Trouble code----Circuit or system-------------------Corrective action

Code 0 --------------Faulty PCM-------------------------------Check the PCM electrical connector. If no loose connectors
are found, have the PCM diagnosed by a dealer.

Code 1 --------------Oxygen content---------------------------Check the O2 sensor, heater and the O2 sensor circuit

Code 3 & 5---------Manifold Absolute Pressure------------Check the MAP sensor and circuit

Code 4 --------------Crankshaft position sensor(CKP)------Check the CKP sensor and circuit

Code 6 --------------Coolant temperature---------------------Check the coolant temp sensor and Circuit

Code 7 --------------Throttle angle(TPS)----------------------Check the TPS and circuit

Code 8 --------------TDC Position----------------------------- Check the TDC sensor and circuit

Code 9 --------------No.1 cylinder position(CYP)------------Check the CYP sensor and circuit

Code 10-------------Intake Air Temp(IAT)--------------------Check the IAT sensor and circuit

Code 12-------------Exhaust Gas Recirculation---------------Check the hoses, the EGR valve lift sensor and the EGR valve

Code 13-------------Barometric Pressure----------------------Have the vehicle checked at a dealer service repair shop.

Code 14-------------Idle Air Control(IAC) valve------------Check the IAC valve and system

Code 15-------------Ignition output signal--------------------Check the ignition system

Code 16-------------Fuel injector-------------------------------Check the fuel injection system and fuel injectors

Code 17-------------Vehicle speed sensor---------------------Check the vehicle speed sensor and circuit

Code 19--------------Lock-up Control Solenoid--------------On automatic transaxle, check the solenoid

Code 20--------------Electronic load detector(ELD)---------Check the ELD system

Code 21--------------Variable Valve Timing and------------- ??????????
Valve Lift Solenoid

Code 22--------------Variable Valve Timing and-------------????????????
Control pressure switch

Code 23--------------Knock sensor-----------------------------Check the knock sensor and circuit

Code30--------------A/T FI signal A---------------------------Have the vehicle checked at a dealer or a repair shop
(automatic transaxle vehicles)

Code 41 & 48 -----Oxygen sensor heater--------------------Check the heater for the proper voltage signal

Code 43--------------Fuel supply system----------------------Check the fuel pressure, fuel pressure regulator. Also check
For any vacuum leaks.
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Made in Japan, Assembled by Americans!!!
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