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Official Electron/SuperSonic Blue Pearl thread
I need to find the specs soon haha. Im buying them from him and puttin them on my white ek. he is gettin some black j mags now haha
Loving the foglights on these cars, blue really goes well with them!
My build thread:
EJ8 from Australia, Melbourne!
[Image: 2mpc51v.png]
[Image: 160972q.jpg]
SUCKS i cant find this paint in aerosol cans though, i thought it was a pretty popular color..
[Image: zeroprint.png]
(10-25-2012, 09:31 AM)ej1serge Wrote:

YOU ARE THE MAN. ive been looking for 2 months everywhere i called said its a "custom honda color" like what lol
Lol just make sure it's the right shade there's a ssbp and a ssbp2 one looks a tad darker than the other
[Image: zeroprint.png]

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