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Official Flamenco Black Pearl/Granada Black Pearl Thread
Very nice indeed, thanks for the reply, yeah CTR cams do make the difference, think down the line id like to get a p28 and have my motor tuned to it , but thats another day all in good time , 4.2.1 it is so plm , chat soon leej8
Can someone update the link for the pic of my car on the first page? My pic link expired Sad

[Image: StreetsofWoodfield16-1.jpg]
[Image: 6c4f924b14c6e81dba306c27dc377cdf.jpg]
[Image: e422828d74c079d6e73a6b2083b448a9.jpg]
[Image: 1333b0804a42eaf666c45ceb1969b5d3.jpg]
[Image: 36362342012_1d0dc66730.jpg]
••••Bags are for the weak, drive it how you park it!! "Static All Day", it's a lifestyle!••••
(05-24-2015, 03:47 PM)headsup Wrote:  [Image: 7ce182ae7c13db4b7a3919e17d83e876.jpg][Image: aa99523d2de35d89c4deb4febd14e046.jpg][Image: ac5e11eae7d4547d55e84c36ddeeec02.jpg][Image: 73d838ae5257d2b62e772c4112c24436.jpg][Image: 1294ee5d3bfae48af01e7557618383a9.jpg][Image: 4e4b5e221445be46ca06a8d7cbe761e2.jpg][Image: e873bb0408dc73c0eae055751de03c97.jpg]
B16a sir2 ,just need a good 4,2,1 header and im sorted, have facelift ek9 full dash to swap in to my ej8 ,be boing it soon as i never done it before and will need few days as its my DD

info on those wheels?
Looks like rota circuit8.
I'm guessing 16".
Yep just rota C8s bronze     put my maxim works header 4.2.1 on and decat
That rear
[Image: 04d808aaf2b1a978f87e5a122561cf70.jpg]

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