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The Dope Sh*tzz Thread
I really like this interior!

[Image: 2851489673_bea0642c7d_b.jpg]

[Image: IMG_9613-1.jpg]
[Image: eddy.png]
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Wow, that turbo, jesus man. I wonder how long it would take a single cam to spool it up? lol.
(04-11-2009, 01:25 PM)ej815 Wrote:  [Image: IMG_6229.jpg]
[Image: IMG_6221.jpg]

This dude is on VAdriven, he is apart of EMF (if you didnt notice)
That rex is so clean, pictures dont do it justice... and BTW, I am about to blow this thread up with pictures from the VAdriven dope status thread Big Grin

[Image: Porsche911SlantNose2.jpg?t=1238159540]
[Image: 3126161464_f1e56547e7_b.jpg]
[Image: bluemk4.jpg]
[Image: 2775887541_a212346e95_b.jpg]
[Image: 0IMG_4134.jpg]
[Image: glass_tile.jpg]
[Image: 2865098658_c108452ffd_o.jpg]
[Image: 3388439743_b3960ce1cc_o.jpg]
[Image: b151202060.jpg]
[Image: FiT3.png]

[Image: 1zxxlhg.jpg]
[Image: DSCF9488.JPG]
[Image: 2937142912_e5f88f8762_b.jpg]
[Image: n2n7k4.jpg]
[Image: cal_240_6.jpg]
[Image: radsupportinst-1.jpg]
[Image: radsupportinst-2.jpg]
[Image: radsupportinst-3.jpg]
[Image: 2851702882_bea7568591_o-1.jpg]
[Image: 3391363098_56f3c08df8.jpg?v=0]
Keep going
This turbo has rightfully earned it self the name of "baby killer"

When you think the world of turbos for automotive use is at their biggest, we all get surprised again. Turbonetics has released their new TNX-122, 122 MM turbo. The kit is designed for top tier racing, such as, Pro Mods and really for diesel sled pulling competitions. “Diesels go for the most amount of boost you can possibly fit in an engine”, says Turbonetics Marketing Manager, Tyler Tanaka.

The turbo is capable of producing over 2500 horsepower, while supporting 50-60 PSI. The center section is an all-new billet piece. It allows Turbonetics to build a stronger internal bearing with a new, patented oiling system. Also, the compressor wheel is made from a billet 713C super-alloy. “When you run this much boost on a cast wheel, it can expand from the center and explode.” Tyler remarked. Regardless, make sure small animals are not present while in operation.

It is able to flow OVER 250lb/min and runs about 8500 bucks
for those who know nothing about flow rates
a standard gt30 runs about 55 lbs a min

[Image: 122m2-1.jpg]
[Image: tunnelturbo.jpg]
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^^^ holy F'ing *poopy*!!!
Love that color on that MK5 up there^, and that turbos insane...

[Image: 2hi6td3.jpg]

[Image: vwbusbilliards600001jpg.jpg]
[Image: 45401042780a188591e9o.jpg]
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here we go again...
[Image: bmwagon1.jpg]
[Image: 51ba364c.jpg]
[Image: dc2_jline.jpg]
[Image: ody1.jpg]
[Image: ls400.jpg]
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I'm going to buy that turbo and put it on a d-series with 60psi of boost.
I'll blow this thread up in a little bit after I get my laptop back.
pretty clean SW20 MR-2 -
[Image: Toyota-MR2-38946.jpg]
mmmm...American Muscle -
[Image: 1969-camaro.jpg]
chopped, but still sick -
[Image: nissanr32finalqp4vt6.jpg?t=1239575386]
[Image: Mitsubishi_EvoX_HKS.jpg]
HKS Time Attack EVO -
[Image: 0610turp_01z+mitsubishi_lancer_evolution...t_view.jpg]
new "Eleanor"
[Image: ford-mustang-eleanor-body-kit-1.jpg]
S13 -
[Image: Cb7tunerMarchMeet10.jpg]
I love M3s! -
[Image: 2470486732_3b2e1e2f80.jpg?v=0]
my dream Ferrari -
[Image: 1988_ferrari_f40_06_m.jpg]
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4 Doors FTW

who doesn't love M3s?

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