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New to Stereo Stuff?? Need Wiring Schematics?? 1996-2000 Civic Stereo Installation
I myself am very handy and all around good at fixing/modifying/fabricating things on cars etc...

Well i personally just scored a new radio for my ej8 but even has handy as i am, i can't always remember certain things, like for example, what color means what on the factory wiring harness for the radio in our cars.

Well i came to this site and was hoping for a sticky but didn't find one, so this might be a good thread to stick for other people that need a reference, i came across this article on how to install an aftermarket radio in our car.

Enjoy, hopefully this will save people the irritation of trying to find a wiring harness diagram on the internet.

The Install Dr. - Radio Replacement on 1996-1998 Honda Civic

The Install Dr. - Radio Replacement on 1999-2000 Honda Civic

Other Good Information:

Quick Radio/Wiring Info

Installations for other makes/models
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Ahh yes Everyone should have that site bookmarked.
Thanks for posting Batman.
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yeah no problem and i agree, i remembered the site from a long time ago when i did my head unit in my last car, but i didn't remember what it was called and had to search around a little before i hit it again.
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Good call mane! I didn't think to search for something like that when I did my install - I just kinda did it...
I'll definitely keep this up top though for people to find bigthumbup
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wow, the guide is really helpful. i was reading through it and it doesn't seem that bad to install an aftermarket deck. would've used this, but got my friend to install my deck for 30 bucks.
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you need to add this website to the OP. its golden
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#7 is also a great resource for diagrams and general and advanced car audio and security information
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