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All members read here; "What do I need for XXX hp"?
This may answer a lot of questions people have about what they need for XXX hp. Feel free to sticky this. This might end a bunch of useless, repetitive threads.

By clicking on the blue words also it will take you to the product on the evans tuning online store.

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wow that is one good link ill make sure to look at it again later down the road. when i am piecing everything together.
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(05-29-2006, 04:34 PM)boboej Wrote:  dose this forum have anything to do with the 96 00 honda civic's
This is an excellent thread
unfortunately I can not post the graph etc

Good find
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It would be extra cool if something could be put together for the D
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The problem with the D series is people who plan on making BIG power drop kick the single slammer for the intake manifold and the small bore. And with the D series its not so much how much power you can make but when you can make it.
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link does not work!
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link fixed, evans tuning re did their website
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