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Brake Upgrades by BrakeExpert (H-T)
I got a question. For Ej6, will I be able to swap the whole 00 Integra knuckle and brake system onto Ej6 front lca?
Or like it states, I need Ex/Si knuckles.
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There is a company called Scarebird IIRC, that makes new spindles for the hubs so you do not have to change LCAs, thus taking the requirement to buy salvage yard parts out of the equation. This way you can go to Autozone or your fave internet store and just buy the calipers( I reccomend loaded as they are only a few bucks more than regular calipers), discs( you can find these in salvage yards, just have them cut) and all the cables and hoses( I recommend new on these)
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