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Horsepower Calculator
ooh wee i need some work
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lol sounds about right to me. i had to put mild port work though since the motor is a Type R and a redline of 9k but the over all stats sounded about right for my car.
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If my peak power is at 90,000 RPM, I will run 7s in the quarter mile.
(04-27-2009, 05:44 AM)Davus Wrote:  If my peak power is at 90,000 RPM, I will run 7s in the quarter mile.

at 90,000 rpm your engine and car will disintegrate LOL
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sweet calculator for sure!
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Wow thats cool
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lol how does this work without knowing anything about compression ratio or cam specifications?
Its an estimate not spot on for every single separate application.
It will give you a general idea of what a potential set up would make.
If you want to get more into it you could calculate flywheel horsepower from flow charts of compressors and be more accurate in that sense but as every car reacts differently to the same modifications your best bet will be to do it, and get it dyno tuned.
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