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Official cell phone number
Jerry/Jer (pacific time)
Unlimted everything
Text me spank me call me ha ha ha I'm always up at night
EJ8 Family Guy member #6
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You can text people all over the states? I thought phone companys would add some kind of "international texting" fee on it.
you can text any phone you want to, as long as it has the capability, which now a days that basically every phone. its only an international call if you call from country to country, im sure you could txt to someone overseas, but the rates would be different
(01-03-2009, 11:16 PM)projectcivic Wrote:  wow, that surprised me how many people posted there numbers, we really are like family, we aint scared to share, lol.

I actually was a little hesitant to post my number, but I can block any number I wish, and I may ending up using this phone as a dedicated squad phone while I wait for the contract to expire.
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Retired: This means I am not part of; or even vaguely interested in, your scenes, fads, meets, etc.

yes!!!! prank calls 101 lol

513-403-9282 verizon unlimited text tristan!
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(01-03-2009, 11:44 PM)Artikgrau325is Wrote:  I actually was a little hesitant to post my number

i agree, but i can always go back and delete the post if needed
972 363 4228, I've posted my number in the trans swap thread before, so message anytime.
T-Mobile, unmetered data, unmetered SMS, 1K "minutes" shared between 3 people.

Just please identify yourself when messaging.
Brad aka bjscivic
Eastern time
T-mobile My favs 300 w/ unlimited text
Don't call unless it's short or on evenings or weekends but text all ya want. LoL!!!
407-925-3731 after the 7th of Jan.
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OG ghost.
Although I'm not popular here I'm posting it anyway
305-721-4871 T-Mo Unlimited text. My name is Alvaro. Just please identify yourself if you do text me. No calls since i basically work all day long.
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My thread
While in Overseas: Skype: 469-212-1683 username: zor.primo for you mySpace and Skypers out there.
T-mo customer since thier inception. 972-603-8565 when in the states. Unlimited SMS. Have an account on 3jam for free sms while over sees. So if you get a txt from a wierd number, then it was probably me.
"Wars come and go but my Soldiers are eternal."
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