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_____EJ8Squad's Offical Pixel Car Art Thread_____
dang, thank God you guys posted some of those...pixelcarart sucks for bases to work on from what I could find. but now I see an xB and a 240 and some cool trucks - I'll have to mess with this when it's slow at work
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4 Doors FTW

just threw this together with stuff i already had mede up, i wanted to go for more of a nissan drift team but i need more time. tell me what you think.

[Image: nissantruck.png]
[Image: pixelsig.png]
Bad ass!!!
Vtec RawR

that's a good idea!! lol
[Image: 8270515370_73a493ecf6_o.jpg]

(02-04-2011, 11:47 AM)MATTCH Wrote:  Wow, putting other peoples fitment issues to shame one pic at a time. Nice.
[Image: blackandmild.png]
how about D16Y8EJCIVIC Lol

but seriously...
[Image: EddieCustom-1.jpg]
Nice pics. I can't believe some kid had his dad call u. Should should of told the dad make sure and whip his A$$ when u get off the phone
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[Image: CIVIC1-1-1.jpg]
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Im down for making some for people. Post a pic or two of your car, or tell me whats done to your car.

Im about to eat, but Ill be back on tonight and Ill start drawing them.
[Image: DSC_0141.jpg]
[Image: DSC_0145-1.jpg]
[Image: 100_1278.jpg]
i'll just post up exterior stuff. i got ctr headlights, red rota jmags, greddy sp2 exhaust
thanks for hookin it up dude
[Image: EddieCustom-1.jpg]
Ill have it finished tomorrow.

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