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_____EJ8Squad's Offical Pixel Car Art Thread_____
damn man those are ba, can you make me one???
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Ya that's sick, I like the get layed one haha
[Image: 45401042780a188591e9o.jpg]
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I guess it's safe to say that philip loves lowriders and Skyline'

Nice job guys....who wants to make me one?
[Image: cardr.png]
NA is fine but, i'd rather be blown!
Ill help you guys out. Save these images:
[Image: civics.png]
[Image: rimreshades4sl.png]
[Image: RimTabletMarch2006.png]

Open up Microsoft Paint, and then open the car images up. Select one that you'd like to modify.

Then, click File>Zoom>Large Size. Here, it makes the car larger, where you can see all the pixels. This is where/how you erase, and paing over the car to "modify" it.

You simply erase the stock wheels, and use some of the ones up there^.

To lower the car, when you erase the stock wheels, select the whole car, and place it over the wheel you want to use, and just pull it down lower over the wheel.

Its all pretty simple. All you have to remember is to zoom in, and keep your color shades close together.

*edit* Quick tune I did:
[Image: civictunex.png]
The Skylines I did were just because they were the best bases at the time. I love mini trucks though.
Heres the civic in black and a pink lol
[Image: civictune2.png]
[Image: civictune4.png]

BTW, if you have Photoshop, it makes changing the color of the car WAY easier. But, I have had to change cars colors in Microsoft Paint before. I did a 350Z. It was orange, and I changed EVERY pixel to yellow, I had to match each shade correctly--it was no fun.
What a PITA! I registered on pca to find some bases and get an idea of how to do this ish and all I can say is that requires a grip of patience...I'll have to try one at work when I'm bored or something.
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4 Doors FTW

do you have the civic ones saved in white? i know it cant be white white since the background is white, but you know what I mean lol
Heres the best I could get. I forgot how you're supposed to make white lol.
[Image: white.png]
how about a silver coupe? lol i tried so hard to make the em1 into a silver one but its so hard!

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The "white" one above looks pretty close to VSM, I'll probably use that one.
[Image: HarlemShakeHachiSignatureFinal_zps03044126.gif]
ehh this is as silver as I can get. Its more grey really, too bad I cant make it shine or something
[Image: silver.png]

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