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The Official - What Are You Listening To? Thread
Lyfe Jennings
Let's Stay Together.
"There is only one constant in the life, and that is change."
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(05-29-2006, 04:34 PM)boboej Wrote:  dose this forum have anything to do with the 96 00 honda civic's
what i was listening too
Whitechapel- possession
One of the sickest openings ever!!! (warning, may blow your head off)

The Devil Wears Prada- HTML Rulez d00d
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its kinda funny cuz i know someone who fits this song so well.. everyline.

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niiiiice, i didn't know anyone on here liked msi.

nice one with the white chapel and devil wears prada videos. i saw white chapel in concert back in october.

as for me: Paradise Lost by Symphony X (it just changed to that from The Illusionist from Scar Symmetry). awesome band, check them out
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yeah my friend made me a cd and i liked most of the songs lol..

btw: what about paradise lost by hollywood undead?

#359. bryan767 >>> retired

Elysia - incinerate
This is the only video i could find on you tube that had there CD release of this song lol.
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Rascall Flatts right meow
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(02-04-2011, 11:47 AM)MATTCH Wrote:  Wow, putting other peoples fitment issues to shame one pic at a time. Nice.
The Sound of Truth from As I Lay Dying

it's a two part's the first half:
Nothing Left

enjoy Big Grin
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(01-26-2009, 02:44 PM)skunkdSiR Wrote:  Rascall Flatts right meow

My girl would clown you so hard if she heard that - she loves country but hates Rascall Flatts
Jackie-O Wrote:My house is home to the illusive, yet powerful, Nom Noms. He will eat your babbys. His eyes are like laser beams, his claws are sharp talons. He slaps like a pimp and makes dogs run in fear.
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4 Doors FTW


Hawthorne Heights - Where Do I Stab Myself in the Ears (the Legion of Doom Remix) From Underworld Evolution

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