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Oooo All The Colors!
There are some sick colors I never seen before in there. Great find
bjscivic Wrote:"Built not bought...have on"
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[Image: silver97ex-1.jpg]
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Pretty cool..I used to have a link from H-T saved, but you guys know how that goes. This ones going in my bookmarks!
Bookmarked that s***!

Excellent find!

[Image: rqxcv9.gif]
Wow...that's an incredible find, there's a lot of colors I did not know our cars came in, a lot of them actually look straight up like an aftermarket choice than the subtle colors that Civic's are generally available in (with the exception of Midori green).
[Image: lugsig.jpg]
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That is some sweet stuff. I'm diggin' the Burning Red Pearl. That orange from the Phillipines is pretty neat too.
[Image: DSC_0162-2.jpg]
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That supersonic blue is awesome... i want it!
yeah the Burning Red Pearl was pretty cool. i really like the Tahitian Green Pearl.
but the best one was the 2 from the Philippines. bigthumbup
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(06-25-2009, 10:30 PM)20Civic00 Wrote:  That supersonic blue is awesome... i want it!

yeah it is awesome, but ebp is better.
very cool...ill take one of each!
^x2 lol but id rock that orange an than really be able to rep for the philippines ha ha

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