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AutoX advice needed.
(11-14-2008, 11:09 PM)ej815 Wrote:  imo you will benefit more as a driver in stock form and then building it up than just throwing on parts and giving it a go.. it will give you an idea of how parts actually work and feel like. i say learn the car first and feel out what needs improvement you will save money as well...

Good thinking on staying stock for now. Unless the rules have changed, you can change out your shocks (not springs), your wheels, as long as they're the same size and +/- 5 (?) offset of your stock wheels, front sway bar, and tires.

For beginners, I'd not go with Azenis. The stickier tires tend to mask bad habits and even poor lines taken. I started with Bridgestone RE730's (which is now 760's, I believe). Great tires for the money, IMO. Lasted near 30k miles with several auto-x events, too. I hear Kumho ASX's are great tires, too (along with SPT?), and they're cheaper than Bridgestones.

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