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List your mods here.
No complaints I got it free when i got my Mangna Flow cat back.
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scarface Wrote:thanx man, it aint much to look at on the outside, just tryign to get it running to its top cause thats more what i'm about, hopefully that list will be gettin a bit longer, waiting on gettin my ported and milled head in, maybe that'll make a difference.....

i hope ur not just throwing something together... what engine managment are u running?? vafc??!? lmao
actially the vafc came with the car, plan on converting to obd1 sometime, just sucks here in NC cause of the new inspection bullshit
[Image: DeAdAzLeEpsig.jpg]
scarface Wrote:actially the vafc came with the car, plan on converting to obd1 sometime, just sucks here in NC cause of the new inspection bullshit

yes but you plan on doing head work.. what i am saying is what are ur plans for engine managment... are u just going to throw together a set up and not tune it?? do u even know what ur compression #s will be??
yeah i plan on tuning it, its kind of a mystery to me actially, still trying to understand it all, but i know its EXTREMELY important, nearest shop i know is like 2hrs away so when its ready i'm going out there to get it taken care of
[Image: DeAdAzLeEpsig.jpg]
ported & polished head
Crower stage 2 cam
Skunk2 valve springs & retainers
AEM cam gear
AEM Fuel pressure regulator
AEM shorty intake(probably switching back to stock intake w/ k&n panel)
Megan 4-2-1 header
OBX resonated test pipe
custom 2.5" exhaust w/ ITR muffler(very quiet)
converted to OBD1
chipped P28
tuned w/ crome by

Suspension & Wheels:
Ground control coilovers
Koni Yellow dampers
Beaks subframe kit
ITR rear sway bar
Cusco rear lower tie bar
14x5" OEM 1st gen. Miata wheels
195/60-14 Falken Azenis

Red cluster bulbs
CTR shift boot
Razo RA42 shift knob

SiR front lip(custom mounting hardware)
OEM mud guards
amber changed to red on taillights
sounds nice, i'd like to see a pic of that
[Image: DeAdAzLeEpsig.jpg]
MIMIK, i have the same setup!!

have you a DYNO of your car?
not yet.. i'm hoping to go in the next couple weeks. right now it's only street tuned. i have to get a few things sorted out then i'll be visiting the dyno.. i'm hoping for at least 135 whp.
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