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1200 HP Del Sol
kiyoraka_ej8 Wrote:how about we build our own'll be the ej8squad hotrod....sponsored by...ej8squads the only thing is who is crazy enough to drive it down a quartermile in 6 secs? haha

Me me me me.......I've driven a 1400hp Supra, a 900hp Civic and several 400+hp civics and one twin turbo Mustang (unknown hp)

As long as it's built right, I'll drive everything. I put my complete trust in today's safety restraints and measures and seen firsthand how great it all works. Nothing to fear. LET ME DRIVE!!!!!!
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OG ghost.
lol cracked me up "4 banger" haven't heard that term since i was back in texas...anyways yea thats my weekend warrior sol..she's ok... Slap :p (sry woke up)
Sol with Civic front end Big Grin
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