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Introduce yourself! Put a face to the name
Name: Ryan
Location: Central Kentucky
Age: 20
Drives: 2002 Subaru WRX and 1994 Integra RS

Pics (please limit to 1-3):

[Image: n12915277_35596965_412.jpg]

[Image: n21905665_31045386_3822.jpg]

[Image: n21905665_30474137_7386.jpg]
- Ryan @ Injected Performance
SCCA Solo // #20 STS // Lexington, Louisville, Cincinnati, Dayton
Name: Scott
Location :Southern Illinois (SO. ILL) at the bottom..aka not springfield
Age: 19 ....20 on the 26th
Drives: EJ8 and Mazda 3i

short hair
[Image: l_cbc2fe46d2c2507eacf45f43e0e67d97.jpg]
long hair
[Image: l_03bdde80ea3ca23bbc0d06c03d9a44-1.jpg]
the women =] hahaha
[Image: n37616201_31266215_7385.jpg]
[Image: skittle10.jpg]
Name: Brad
Location: Central Florida (Orlando)
Drives: 1998 Civic EX w/ B18b swap

My girl & I ..... Sorry. No pics of just me anywhere. LoL

[Image: BradI.jpg]
[Image: DSCN2528.jpg]
[Image: MeandBrad3.jpg]
EJ8Squad Member #235
OG ghost.
Name: Rodger
Location: Texarkana, Texas Runaway
Age: 23
Drives: Turbo Ej8

I'm on the left
[Image: l_9ae3b3572facfc9b12b83c9ff1cc0b80.jpg]

Yes, my hards are on fire
[Image: 1066164475_l.jpg]

[Image: l_47f7c9815093511f5c55224ce86c05b9.jpg]
Name: Paul
Location: Columbus, OH
Age: 20
Drives: Milano Red EJ8
[Image: IMG_0614.jpg]
[Image: me.jpg]
[Image: me2.jpg]
me all tan on my cruise
Name: Adam "skwirt" Frandsen
Location: Tampa,FL
Age: 22
Drives: 98 Civic w/ a GSR heart

[Image: l_e64cf452702dd260be5d0486202d0721.jpg]

me and my love =) Woot
[Image: l_0c8fd33e8d465045faf79787c3999e05.jpg]

[Image: l_90aa1f44ec653c4ee96254ab2608ba60.jpg]
[Image: 8270515370_73a493ecf6_o.jpg]

(02-04-2011, 11:47 AM)MATTCH Wrote:  Wow, putting other peoples fitment issues to shame one pic at a time. Nice.
Name: Mauricio AKA Mouse
Location: El Paso, Texas
D.O.B: 02/27/1986
Drives: 99 Civic w/ a Type R transplant

[Image: house014.jpg]

[Image: SLVB019.jpg]
VSM CREW MEMBER # 1 / Build Thread /
Building a car isn't just about money, it's about discipline.
-Artik and the DarkTune crew.
Name: Taylor
Location: Saskatchewan Canada Eh?
Age: 19
Drives: 99 Ej8, 78 Ford Courier, 03 GM 2500

me on the left.
[Image: n752215224_823757_9126.jpg]
long hair
[Image: n522861318_138145_4526.jpg]
me and teh g/f and one of the buddies.
[Image: n752215224_391974_7665.jpg]
[Image: IMG_3464.JPG]
Name: Genki Hagata
Location: Martinez, CA
Age: 19
Drives: mostly stock green EJ8

me putting on my springs at like 11:00 at night
[Image: SA500069.jpg]

my fience Laura on the left, me, then my little sister Chisaki on the right.
[Image: IMG_0248.jpg]

me probably getting my ass kicked by my sister at some sega fighting game. Gotme
[Image: IMG_0225.jpg]
[Image: rockinsig1.png]
Name: Robbie
Location: Fuquay Varina, NC
Drives: 98 coupe,88 nissan hardbody

no homo, im the one in the middle
[Image: l_a3b3bd5912b0fc6a3b77881b1c7199cc.jpg]

[Image: l_4e174fddc51db3d2f73f41d9a13e91c9.jpg]

[Image: l_1afdc9c25280b7a10733214eba3738fa.jpg]
1991 Honda Civic Si/B16a/Built Head-Play Toy
1997 Honda Civic ITR/SiR/RLZ - Current

HellaFlush yO

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