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Tire size calculator
I'm sure you've all used this at least once.
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OG ghost.
Don't forget this one Smile
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Been there to.
I think it's much better. A lot more detailed and interactive.
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OG ghost.
ive never heard of these places, that pretty cool
seen it! very useful.
Never seen before, thanks for sharing *bookmarked*!!
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Good find to both of you
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YES...I'm guilty.
Hmmm...what's crazy about this is according to the Miata calculator my 205/45/17s give me a readout .3% slower than reality. I was under the impression for some reason that I'd be going faster than it showed cuz I went to bigger rims but I guess going from a 185/70/14 (talk about HUGE sidewall) to my new ones didn't make too big a difference. What suck is I'm about to switch to some 16x7 Konig Feathers and it's gonna mess with my speedo more than my 17s do now...WTF is that all about?!?
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