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Tire size calculator
Actually stock wheels are 185/65/14, so 205/45/17 is 3.4% larger.
Closer to stock size would be 205/40/17 which is only a 0.1% difference.
As for 16x7" wheels probably the best would be to go with 205/45, that is 0.9% difference from stock which would be closer than you are now.

AFAIK number of "upsizing" must be the same as "downsizing" - hope I name it right. What I mean is: tire width of 205 is 2 sizes bigger than 185 (10mm increasements), 17" rim is 3 sizes bigger than 14" (1in increasements), so sidewall has to be 5 sizes smaller - that is 40 (increasements by 5 %).
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HonduhDave Wrote:Hmmm...what's crazy about this is according to the Miata calculator my 205/45/17s give me a readout .3% slower than reality. I was under the impression for some reason that I'd be going faster than it showed cuz I went to bigger rims but I guess going from a 185/70/14 (talk about HUGE sidewall) to my new ones didn't make too big a difference. What suck is I'm about to switch to some 16x7 Konig Feathers and it's gonna mess with my speedo more than my 17s do now...WTF is that all about?!?

your rim size wont mess with your speedo at all. its more of the right tire diameter compared to the stock tires. my ex coupe came with 14x5 steelies and 185/65-14 tires. the wheels i have now are 16x7 with 205/45-16, which are the tires nearest to my original wheel diameter.

i would check inside your door jamb on the sticker to see what the original tire size is.
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You guys are both right, I checked my steelies when I got home last night and they are 185/65/14; I just happened to see something saying our stock tires were 185/70/14 (don't remember where) and was too lazy to verify it before I put it into the calculator. 205/45 is what I've been looking at for the rims I'm about to order, so it's good to hear that they're so close to the original size...Woot
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Here's a Tire Size calculator for everyone! Perfect way to get the best size tire for you. It will give you many options to view what's to big, or too small!

1010 Tire Size Calculator
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