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What car to buy?
I was wondering what car to buy, I want something fast, maybe drift capable, not too expensive around $8,000 or under. I have some idea's but I want more options, something cheap to mod out maybe that will make it fast?
240s price jumped up if ur looking for one in good running condition.  Older model BMW 3series are a good starting point.  But honestly majority of the cars that a perfectly suited for drifting now-a-days aren't cheap or even easy to come by in running condition.  Depending on where you live is also going to play a big factor in the condition of the car.
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E36 BMW. If you can find a manual one that hasn't been beat to death by a high schooler, they're very capable vehicles. Relatively easy to work on and parts prices are mostly comparable to Honda stuff. There's tons and tons of DIY's on their forums.

I've seen some S2K's dip into the 8-9K range, especially in the winter time when convertibles are sleeping in garages. As expected, they may have cosmetic damage or higher mileage, things I don't think are much concern for someone looking into making a drift car. Of course, there's always Nissan's. I don't know the first damn thing about em though, can't give any input on that.
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