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2000 EJ7 Intermittent Speedometer
It's been a hot minute since I've been on EJ8Squad. It feels good to be back in here! However, I have an EJ7, but it is all the same.

I crashed my EJ8 Sedan a couple of years back and I missed it so bad, I went out the other night and picked up a relatively clean EJ7 for $1350. Not a bad deal, but it does need to have a clutch replaced, the AC compressor needs to be replaced, and not to mention, my speedometer is not working - most of the time.

The speedometer will work when it's damp outside, but other times, I can forget about knowing how fast I am going. I wound up downloading a GPS speedometer on my phone for the time being.

Yesterday, I stopped by O'Reilly's and picked up a packet of dielectric grease and applied it to the connector of the speed sensor. I have learned that this is typically the culprit when the speedometer isn't working and a check engine light is displayed. However, with the grease, I saw no improvement.

This morning before I ventured to work, I stopped at Wal Mart and grabbed a can of QD Contact Cleaner from CRC. Again, took the connector loose, applied a mild amount, reconnected it, and let it sit for a second. The speedometer worked!

I drove the car about 10 miles, and then parked it here at my workplace, where it sat until about 10:30 this morning. When I got it out on the road, the speedometer was back to it's same old game.

I thought I would stop up in here to see how the connector should be cleaned. I'm not short of knowledge when it comes to the D series motors, but I am no electrical guy. Let me know what's up and take care.
when this happened to mine it was the speed sensor that had gone bad, I don't think I even got a CEL when it happened. a few months later it happened again and it was just that water had gotten inside the connector so I blew it out with an air compressor and added dielectric grease it's been good ever since. Since you've already cleaned it and greased the connector i'd try going to your local auto parts and getting a new VSS or trying a known good one from another car.
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