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FOR SALE : Novelty Car Keychains
Hello EJ8Squad family!

Been a hot minute since I came on here. But as I am approaching my final year of college, I thought I would start a side business now and start gaining money for a career after school.

Anyways, I have a side business creating/designing novelty keychains made out of either 1/4" or 1/8" acrylic sheets. I have multiple colors and have new products being created every week. I can do custom orders or logos for anyone and am more than happy to work along side any forum or business to help out. 

Take a stroll though my store and see what you may be interested in. I have sold a couple to members here already and they can support me (at least I hope).

If you have any requests and/or questions please feel free to ask me here or via the contact sheet on the website. I am PayPal verified and if need be, ask me about bulk orders!

All my products come with a warranty of free replacement if it ever breaks or comes damaged.

Thanks everyone! And spread the word if you please! I offer more than just Honda/Acura stuff!

[Image: A1BC7661-114E-41BB-887A-1F2553A01A0E_zpsie9htwxt.jpg]

[Image: B7DE2405-CBCA-4BB5-AA9C-191A3866DD5E_zpsziakqfne.jpg]

[Image: CB78F150-B7DF-4866-9B99-E7DC84000FED_zpsfyptqgat.jpg]

Oh and here's what I'm rocking nowadays:

[Image: Trail%204_zpsmuqgokza.jpg]
[Image: Trail%206_zpsma4rildx.jpg]
[Image: Lake%202_zpslydao1io.jpg]

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