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Need advice
What up guy I'm in a little bit Pickel can't decide what to do. I found a pretty good deal on a k24a2 block(with not rods or Pistons) and a k20a2 head. Really don't have the money to buy it right out so I was gonna put up my smith and Wesson m&p ar15 for trade. So the question is should I trade the ar for the k parts or keep the ar and just save money and buy the same kinda set up later day the road
95 eg6 (traded then totaled) 03 boosted ep3 (traded) 97 lifted tacoma (sold then totaled) 97 gsr ej7 (sold) 98 Gsr db8( traded) 97 b16a2 ej6(sold) 05 pathfiner dd 98 ej8 shell( project)

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