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Helper Spring Questions

Has or does anyone use helper springs? If so, which brand and what size, if you remember. What are your thoughts with them? I'm looking at Eibach's helper spring set for my ground controls to get rid of some nasty spring chatter in the rear. 

Has anyone ever used the Isolator pads that they use? It looks like they would go between the spring and the perch to dampen the sound from the metal of the springs clanging on the metal of the perch. 

My setup is: Ground Control 7" springs front: 450 lbs, rear: 350 lbs. with OTS Koni Yellows. I have extended Ground Control top hats in the front only.
[Image: mg6078small.jpg]
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Hmm, i have the Koni/GC setup and never had a problem or heard any chatter.
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(04-12-2016, 09:26 PM)My height is just above the top of the tires, probably a finger gap. My springs are 7" high also. So with that combination and length my springs have zero preload to them. There is probably a 1-2" gap between the spring top and the body mount when at full droop. EJDerrty8 Wrote:  Hmm, i have the Koni/GC setup and never had a problem or heard any chatter.
[Image: mg6078small.jpg]
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Here are a few pictures of my setup. Even with the helper springs and isolators, I'm still getting a rattle/clunking noise in the spring area. I rode in the trunk to try to isolate the noise and it is definitely coming from the strut area and not the toe arms.

I get a noise on small bumps all the way up to large bumps in the road, but not on tiny bumps. So it's like the springs are chattering against each other. I did add a slip of rubber between the top coil on the main spring because there was a small gap between the very top coil and the one below it. (not pictured.)

Does anyone see anything wrong with the installation? I'm thinking maybe I'm getting spring rattle from the top of the main spring contacting the spacer250 (coupler for the helper spring) and also the helper spring contacting the spacer. Noise comes from both sides of the car. New everything (TA bushings, LCA/UCA Bushings.) Ground Control Rep thinks the Spacer25o is coming into contact with the upper spring isolator for the top hat, causing it to bind. 

[Image: 7J92pbh.jpg]
[Image: Gy8nnN0.jpg]
[Image: mg6078small.jpg]
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