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Need help obd2b wiring harness plugs
I have three plugs into need to find where they go:
-One is a one wire circle plug that is red/black.
-One is blue/black and yellow/black
-the last one is blue/yellow green/black red/black
It is in a 2000 ej8 and i am finishing up this install this guy attempted so yeah... I hate going behind someone else for work...
Really no help man that blows
Uhh, Got pics? Not many people are wiring experts here so we can't be certain just by color combinations.

OEM wire harnesses usually just go into place and it becomes obvious where the plugs go once you have it laid out.
What sensors currently aren't plugged in and where are these extra plugs located?

In some cases you may have left over plugs like if you're using a auto harness in a manual car, or a vtec harness on a non-vtec engine but you'll have to do some research to figure that out.

It's been a few days so I'm assuming you've already figured it out though, right?
Feel free to PM me if anything, I'm not very active in these forums anymore Sad
-Jay was here

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