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Turbonetics or Percision
so I do know not to buy a cheap E-Bay turbo kit.. I am looking to run like 6-7psi on a stock build with stock internals. I have found a couple of kits both around same price range. I was wanting to look into the edelbrock street kit that way I wouldn't have to tune it due to it coming with plug in map. anyways, I was wondering which kits are the best price for your buck.... Popcorn
Post the specs on the kits that you have found. You're right, a quality kit is definitely worth it.

I had the edelbrock kit and loved the fitment, finish and performance; the ball bearing turbo spools quickly.

I didnt know they were still available..

But yes, a designed kit would be the best bet with alot less headaches..

Does it come with an intercooler?

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