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engine swaps/power advice
ok guys i know there has been several write ups on this i used the search button but still have unanswered questions ive thrown numous ideas around and wasted money and got nothin accomplished i have a 98 ej8 coupe stock motor and auto trans i love the car clean no rust completl stock minus cold air and fart can someone put on before i got the car but it has no power might be due to the 230,000 miles although it has 185lbs of compression i want to do a 5 speed swap is there any motor swaps i can do that will give me a fun amount of power and be able to keep most things working on the car such as a/c or after i 5 speed swap it i there any mods that will improve power on the y8 in there and is it even worth doing on a car that has that many miles thanks for info guys this is a great site keep it up
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Now from what i picked up on in the run-on sentence, you have a lot of options to go with but it all depends on a few things...

  1. Your mechanical skills if your doing the work yourself.
  2. Money $$$$.  This is a factor because it dictates what swap you can afford realistically.  Repairs on a K-swap is more costly than the repairs on a D-Series.
  3. If someone else is doing the work are they reputable and a reliable company that won't rip you off.
  4. HP goals?
  5. DD or not to DD? 
  6. Future plans for the car?

Give us a breakdown of your build goals and we can help out better.
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OK sorry about the run on. to answer your questions
1. my mechanical level i would consider to be fare i'm a tech at a local dealer not master or world class but more then an oil changer also have done swaps and have built motors and restored a family truck with help in the body department
2. looking for 2k-3k total no not k series money have little experience with honda motors but know a fare share about them
3. doing the work myself have a friend who is huge into hondas can get help if i need
4.would like 200ish hp not a race car just a fun car
5.yes dd have an s13 240sx that is the race car for now
6. future plans are to run daily year round including in the snow live in western pa so we do see it dont want a rice car just a clean simple fun ej8
for the price you want your not going to get a 200hp car. just do what everyone else does and swap a GSR or B16b add some bolt-ons and call it a day.

even the Type R motors dont hit 200hp with out some good bolt-ons and a good tune and they still cost 3k+. well, that is for one thats not abused anyways.

either way its pretty much plug and play if you know what your doing mechanically with any of the motors mentioned when you have the USDM B series wireing harness.
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Thanks for the useful advice..

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