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p0118 .. ECT Sensor (Hi Voltage)
Hey guys,

as it states, that is the code I am getting. I replaced the coolant temp sensor (in the head) and the rad fan switch (thermostat housing). I did notice that the gauge sending unit's plug was pretty much destroyed. When I took it off of the sensor, it actually broke off. I took a female bullet and crimped that on and plugged it in and it fits perfect. Both hoses get hot, so it isn't a stuck thermostat.

I am running out of ideas.

Thanks guys,

Could use a meter to check voltage and resistance to and across the sensor. You should see a resistance change across the sensor when it heats up and voltage should drop (I believe) going back to the ecu. If you don't see a resistance change then it's the sensor if you have constant voltage on both wires even unplugged then you have an open wire somewhere.
Thanks bro, I appreciate it

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