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Accord stock front lip on civic
Does anyone have pics of the stock 94-97 Honda Accord front lip on a 96-98 civic. Try searching but. Couldn't find anything on it.
Never heard of anyone attempting that one. Not saying no one done it but probably not very popular due to fitment issues.
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Saw a post on Honda tech a while back. Thanks for replying though
It may not be very common because the shapes of the vehicles are so different. The Accord (starting in about 1992) has grown quite a bit larger than the Civic in regards to overall dimensions. In the late 80's and earlier, the cars were roughly similar in size (at least width wise). It was very popular to use Accord lips on the front and rears of the beloved EF-series Civic. I've even heard of them being used on the EG-series Civic, but nothing on our generation Civics. Seems people have since moved onto the Honda Fit lip and other alternatives.
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