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Ek9 dash no airbag!
So the ek9 dash has no airbag , is there a way to swap my ej8 air bag over to ek9 but keep the black top of the ek9? Cos I took out my ej8 airbag grey top! Looks like it's one piece, anyone have this problem?
Or am I overlooking something? Thanks hope to have ek9 dash in tomorrow, have my ej8 dash out ,thanks
Even if you were to get the grey top off and put it in the black dash it wasn't constructed for an air bag so in the event of an accident I don't believe it would pop out
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I see ,dam , I got it all done yesterday and swapped the airbag over with the black top ,I must look into that not opening for airbag or get a sharp blade and trace the line of the airbag to pop out , dash is lookin really well in the ej8 only have Sri light on and I think I might have hit off the resistor for driver airbag ,
But thanks jers99 for the headsup

Also on the ek9 dash it had the bolt holes for the airbag ,
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