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Let me re-introduce myself
So fellow enthusiast I think I may be back. I'm kind of alone in area as far as my love for my car goes. I am gonna take a moment gather everything and make sort of a timeline of my adventure. For now though I'll leave you with where I am right now. + a glimpse of the past didn't think I'd have off hand.
Not the past you might think though. The last pic is of the chassis choice I dream of next! + I found the old bucket... So its start to finish. Just a tease for now then.

[Image: SSPX0567.jpg]
This was my original love.

[Image: PICT0162.jpg]
Then I wrecked it and ended up with a sol.
Got it looking okay.
[Image: SSPX0800.jpg]

Got it looking damn good.
[Image: IMG00008.jpg]

Then it got stolen..... : /
Train pic was after I'd went and looked for it and found it and re-bought all the parts they'd stolen. (ecu, lip, mudflaps, integra wheels)
[Image: IMG_20120430_142135.jpg]

So that was 2 years ago or so.
I've been nursing her back to health since then. Nothing too major, but I do feel it's time to hit the ground running again and get it to where I want as an scca sol.
[Image: 20150408_181333.jpg]
[Image: 20150517_030519.jpg]
[Image: 20150513_183944.jpg]
[Image: 20150725_233009.jpg]

Ambitions are up there for me. I kinda want one of these three.
[Image: 8250622069_49a4ed7b69_o.jpg]
[Image: 8165426031_28dbfdcfed_o.jpg]
[Image: daf.jpg]

GET AT ME! I want to see your cars!
I remember you, didn't know you wrecked the ej8. So you want to keep the del sol, and get into another ej? Or sell the sol?
[Image: ed68l.jpg]
I plan on keeping the sol and getting either another ej 2 or 4 door, orrrrr a hatch. I'm just kind of infatuated with the siR theme. A touch of spoon wouldn't hurt either. I've wanted the bumper moldings forever, but they are stupid expensive. Any east coast members still around?

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