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99-00 si lower control arms
I have researched around allot for this since i have an ex model i noe i have a two piece front lower control arms and 99-00 si have a one piece control arm NOW my question i have read that the si lower control arms will fit on my car i just need a strut damper fork to go with it, in all actuallity i just need assurance that it will fit and has anybody done it since i really want the flca from jhpusa with hardrace bushing
Without having actually done this swap myself, looking at the two parts diagrams, it seems that to go along with the Si Front Lower Control Arm, you'll also need the two front strut forks as you mentioned, along with the compliance bushings for each side. If you want to run a front sway bar, it looks like you'll also need to acquire the Si Front Sway Bar itself along with the Sway Bar Bushings and the Sway Bar End Links.

I just checked the JHPUSA site and they mentioned the same thing and it looks like the compliance bushing is included (BONUS!).

Like I said, I haven't personally done this swap myself, but just by looking at the parts diagrams it looks like JHP is leading you down the right path. Good luck!
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Rather late here, but that is correct. HOWEVER, HardRace also sells the lower arm with their bushings pushed in for the arms that are standard to your car. They are new OEM units with the HardRace bushings. I'd say that would be cheaper and much easier to do.
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