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Coupe Dimensions
Not sure where to put this thread, but does anybody by chance know or have the dimensions/specs for a coupe exhaust? What I mean is; how long is it from the cat back, and what degree bends are required to clear the tunnels of the underbody.

Also, how about the size of the bumpers? As in how long/wide they are, and at what angles they are curved?

I realize this is an odd question, but any info/help/advice would do me good. Even a point in the right direction would be beneficial. If not, it comes down to measuring everything myself.

Thanks in advance!

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Kind of an odd request! I found this, can't verify if it is accurate.

"In case anyone else needs this info in the future, measurements for my b-pipe (stock '98 EX pipe - P/N 18220-S01-C81).

From the cat to the resonator: 23 inches

Length of resonator: 16 inches

From the rear of the resonator to the *start* of the first bend: 13 1/2 inches

From the start of the first bend to the muffler flange: 28 inches"

As for angle of bends and whatnot, you'll either have to do some trigonometry, use a protractor/angle finder, or talk to an exhaust shop.

Time to bust out the measuring tape, that's the best way to know for sure.
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