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What up to the OG's
I check things out every 9 months or so on here, it appears to have died unfortunately.

Sold my coupe back in early 2013 after fully parting it out. Currently driving a 2011 charger that I bought back in June 2012.
I felt out of place in my civic for about a year until I parted it out because the car scene completely died. Also was a magnet for police, and now being a law enforcement officer, I can honestly see why. Equipment violations out the booty on most cars. (I tend not to bother car guys ever dont worry).
Don't tread on me.

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Let's keep this thread going.

Slybump for more OGs.
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I can't wait to put a new build thread together for my current ride. Stay tuned !
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I've been here since 2011 I think, does that make me somewhat OG? Lol
My build is coming along very slowly been working out of state this year. Next year should bring more mods and updates, I promise!
Understeer: When you hit the wall with the front of the car.
Oversteer: When you hit the wall with the rear of the car.
Horsepower: How fast you hit the wall.
Torque: How far you take the wall with you.
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I need to update my build thread, nothing really has changed. Been looking for a new car for 2 months now. Went and looked at 3, 1 was wrecked and repaired poorly, 1 had the milage rolled back from 203k to 73k (found Texas smog paperwork in glove box just as I was about to close the deal) and one didn't have the one option I wanted and I didn't want to settle.
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Hi, I'm Eddie and I'm an OG.
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