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What up to the OG's
I personally want an 96-00 again. I miss it. I really started when I was around 17 and wandered off. I have a 2012 si and my sol, but I still have a hole in my heart after losing the ej.
Checking in! I still have my coupe but it is out of commission until I can diagnose and afford to fix it (it is near impossible to steer). Considering it isn't my daily driver, and it can't haul over 1500lbs, it hasn't been much of a priority these days.

That said, still couldn't let it go either. I do feel "out of place" when I drive it though.
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What is an OG?


I still have my ej8 even though it is on jack stands. Main ride now is a 2012 mazdaspeed 3 and a 2013 triumph street triple. The ej8 kind of just rusts away now. Probably going to get it back in running shape and then sell it so i can get a mini truck to haul stuff.
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Damm good ol times. I still remember when everyone was very active on this page and when we still did ROTM.
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wow its been forever since ive been on here lol I occasionally pop on here from time to time but no where near what I did back when I joined. Seems like so much has changed and so many new faces lol
I lurk on here every few months, but always over on NASIOC forums. Mike you should get back on facebook you bastage.
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yeah, Mikey, come back to FB! I miss your face
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Do I count?! haha!

I still have my ej8, Ive done a few updates to it since I stopped being a regular, but I still enjoy driving it. My daily is a 99 CRV. Love it!! This is the first time ive been on a year or so probably! I follow alot of you guys on facebook and IG though!
my computer got a virus that i couldnt get rid so i stopped doing my usual online thing. I still have my EJ8 and ive been trying off and on to keep her running but i keep having the same problems. on top of that her age is showing rapidly thanks to clear coat going to *poopy* and rust starting to form in places where there should be no rust. Bought a 15' Accord Sport im doing a slight VIP/JDM/cruiser setup with. OEM body kit, visors, lowered on some 19s and black on black is the plan. after that the EJ8 is getting some major love. its been over due and now that i have a daily i can stop cutting corners just to keep the damn car on the road. i miss her in her prime lol
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