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The Time Has Come
So the coupe is sold. Im officially out of Hondas.

I bought a 2013 Camry with 11k miles for 16,900 to which I will be doing tasteful mods. Springs, Wheels, Tint.

The stereo isnt the best and I have all my gear If I decide to go that route.

Here is my Build Inspiration:

[Image: dylyc9.jpg]

Which springs wont be that low. But I already found a set of wheels

Springs will only lower Fr 1.5" rears 1.2" so there will still be a gap..

Anyways.. Just updating the squad..
That Camry is clean, but a life without Honda's... man that's crazy, lol
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Are you sticking around Rob?
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yea.. ill pop in and out.

Ive been working 7 days a week. and my Mon-Fri schedule is 7am to 11pm between 2 different jobs.

So I tend to sleep when I can get it.
I have no doubt you will do the new car justice. Sorry to see your car go.
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To be honest.. after almost 8 years and all the transformations it's been thru, it's a bittersweet send off.

As we all are car enthusiest, I'm just moving onto bigger and better.

It seems coils for the camry are 999.00 and wheels and tires are 1200. So of course the new build wil be clean.

I have a painted on pinstripe that I'm wondering how to remove.. might have to stripe over it.. still back and forth on what to do with it.
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Another ej8 bites the dust lol. Camry 's are one of my favorite toyotas. What trim level did you get? The se is my favorite
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Should've have bought the 2013-2015 Accord like me. Well anyways, enjoy your new car!
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