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Parking light Problem
got a bit of a weird electrical issue, seems my parking lights(corner amber's, back tails, cluster light, license plate light) I've removed/checked all proper fuses for the lights, all good, removed/replaced toggle switch on steering wheel console, yet they still stay on with the key in the off position and even with the key removed lights are on.

any other ideas?

Seems like a short to me somewhere along the headlight harness, is ripping that harness out difficult?

My ej8 just started doing this.

Started pulling fuses from the fuse box in the engine bay, more specifically the headlight 30A fuse, and the amber sides and back park lights go out, I replaced the fuse with the 40A option fuse, lights do not come on, turn on vehicle, put lights on and off, shut car off, ambers & back lights stay on.

I've read the ICU possibly controls this and might be going bad, I did the basic check list to see what other lights might be not functioning as intended, all lights work, rear defroster works, interior light goes on when drivers door is open, windshield wipers work in intermittent mode as well.

I have another ICU I can swap in and check, it's from a 97 integra so hopefully it works.
hmm, try it out and see what happens
swapped out the ICU, still no fix on the issue. any ideas?

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