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whale penis problems!!!
I recently installed a jdm whale penis on my 99 ej8 d16y8. Everything was going good until there was one sensor left. I have no idea what or where it goes. Either way now, my cel is on and it's annoying. I tried taking off the ground for 5, then 10 minutes . To reset the ecu. But still won't go away. Has anyone had this problem?
I posted some pictures too. Now you can clearly see how in the oem it has 3 outlets and the jdm only has 2.

I think it's because I'm new to this site but I can't upload any pictures.
But I think it's the iac. Not the connection that goes to the map sensor but the one to the actual intake.
Try uploading your pictures on then putting the direct link inside the [img]insertlinkhere[/img]. I only remember the oem intake having two holes on it. One for the IAT and one for the breather hose to the valve cover.
[Image: pzLfBoW.jpg]
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how many sites did you post this on?
Sounds like your IAT sensor .. The sensor should be mounted to intake and plugged it
1slow_ej8, were you able to get the whale penis issue resolved?
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Yeah IAT sensor not plugged in it seems , no biggie , plug it in and good to go ,
Im sure he did, he posted it on at least 3 sites.. Im sure he got his answer..

Now he's gone like a fart in the wind

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