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A Fellow Member is Expecting a Baby!!!
What's going on fam?

So, as I was lurking through facebook, I saw a post by Donte on the Get Laid Crew page that squad member 317venezolano09 (Jesus) and his wife are expecting a baby! They just found out and she is 6 weeks and 4 days. They are not sure of the sex of the baby yet, however there is still a reason for this thread.

I was talking to Donte and we both thought that it would be a good idea if we kind of threw an e-shower (lol). If you would like to get a gift for the baby, you can mail it to Jesus. We all could wait until the sex of the baby is determined, or just get a unisex gift.

Obviously, there is still a lot of time for any gifts you would want to get. But, we all know that we are one family here, something that no other forum has. We are a cut above the rest because of that. We may not be very active all of the time, but if one of us is needed, we don't hesitate but offer help. Now is a great time to help out a fellow member and get the baby a gift Smile.

I do want to make it clear that Jesus had nothing to do with this and this thread was a surprise by him and when I sent him the link, his exact words were, "Wow thank you so much it means a lot."

Contact me, Donte (EJDerrty8) , or Jesus (317venezolano09) if you have any questions.

You can just surprise them with the gift by mailing it to:

Jesus Marin
10470 Lookout Lane
Indianapolis in 46234

Thanks guys!
A little bit about Jesus. He's a very good friend on mines and has a big heart. This would be his first child and a intro into fatherhood. He is also dealing with a very big problem in his life, recently he was diagnosed with Congested Heart Failure and had to receive surgery. If he doesn't get better then he will need a heart transplant. I've been very lucky to have met him and his wife and i pray for both of them every night. This is a blessing for him to have the chance to still have a child and the family he's always wanted. Let's try to make this special. Once i get some info on how we can send them gifts i'll pass it along.
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What a great idea and lovely thing to do , respect to all that donate, shame im in Ireland, but will say prayer for his health ,

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