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Parking light and City Light Issue
Whats up guys?

So here's what happened, and what's going on..

I installed city lights and had everything wired so that the city lights go on with the constant power of the parking lights. City light harness (brown and black) wired to the parking light Red and Black (obviously black to black, and brown to black), I left the green wire go. Everything was working great.

One day I had an issue with my passenger head light (it was out, but now blown). I ended up rewiring it and got it to be good, but then my passenger side parking light and city light wouldnt go on, just the turn signal would function.

Yesterday, I ripped the bumper and headlights off to see what's going on, now both driver side and passenger side parking light and city lights don't work. Headlights and turn signals (and hazards) do.

Things I have tried..

- Grounded the city light with the ground of the turn signal and wired the power of the city light to the headlight power, the city lights went on when I put the headlights on.

- Took the turn signal bulb out and put the city light socket leads on the contacts of the turn signal bulb socket and they blink.

- I even went back to not having the city lights installed, and just rewired the turn signal sockets back to how they would be from factory, still no parking lights.

I did check fuses, and they aren't blown. Any ideas guys?
Did you check the running light fuse under the dash as well? If not the tail light fuse could also be a culprit if those aren't working. Gotme
[Image: pzLfBoW.jpg]
-Jon // Facebook // PSN: HelloPekkle  // Instagram // 1998 Civic EX #373 * * * *
there is no running light fuse in there (never was) and the tail lights are operating fine :/ .. thanks for the response jon
Oh dang I looked at the diagram which showed running light and running light relay without checking the actual panel. Mine is also empty in both those slots. Hopefully your problem is something simple.

[Image: FusePanelS.jpg]
[Image: pzLfBoW.jpg]
-Jon // Facebook // PSN: HelloPekkle  // Instagram // 1998 Civic EX #373 * * * *
its just odd because one side stopped working, now both sides dont work .. i dont get it

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