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Turn Signal help
my driver side turn signal blinks really fast and when the parking/head lights are on they blink in a pulse. Also when my foot is on the brakes the turn signal blinks real slow. i replaced all blulbs so what could be the culprit?
You can try swapping the bulbs around and see if the issue moves to the other side. If the issue moves replace the bulbs, if not look at the sockets for the bulbs and check over the wiring because your losing resistance somewhere. It could be the relay but without a set of prints for that circuit I can't tell you if it could cause this issue or not.
Earth's? Check all your ground wires and or check your alternater ,
if it's when you're on your brake, check the ground for the brake lights
light now only blink fast at all times, couldnt get to the ground. also i can see that one of two of the filaments for the turn signal(dual filament) does not blink, so when my hazards are on the driver side is dim

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