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Carbon fibre roof liner
Yeah your right , gess i will just recover and be happy with that , thanks guys ,
Isnt there sheets of CF vinyl that you can put in the place of the fabric?
(05-19-2015, 01:12 AM)EsotericImage Wrote:  Isnt there sheets of CF vinyl that you can put in the place of the fabric?
Yeah but its not my thing, looks tacky in my opinion
And id say it would be hard to get it with no lumps and bumps, the guy that got his real carbon fibre roofliner
Is one lucky fella , i will think about it another time cos iv just picked up full face-lift ek9 dash with all the trim so that will keep me happy for a bit,
Thanks for the input,
Cf headliner is probably even more rare if you have a sunroof. I've still yet to see one.
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Me too, but would be worth getting someone to make one up from scratch, but how much? is the question!
Over thinking it gentlemen...

Oem headliner out, leave fabric on, apply fiberglass. Cover fiberglass with CF. done.

Might help to waterproof the fabric first.

I'm almost sure this is how it was done when he made it custom.

I don't really know how to carbon fiber but I would assume instead of using any fiberglass at all you could carbon fiber it and you might want to try they could quote one for you but I'm sure shipping would kill the deal
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Would really like to see someone do that ,cos id love to see what the end result would be like/ fitment wise
Late to the party as always, but that headliner was actually not a custom make. I was the original owner of that part. I bought it new back in 2004 when they were still on the market, limited production, but made all the same. There was one company that was making them after the height of their popularity but ended up scamming many and going under, with the large deposits never returned. There was no brand of the one I had, I found it on an eBay listing in the 2003ish era. I called some time later to the actual shop, spoke with them and ordered as it was an "in stock" item. I held on to it for years after never installing, all due to my car show days closing with my Navy life and a 4th theft total of the car it was purchased for. But I held it with the intentions of installing in my current Si, which I did install around the Feb 2009 time. Rob contacted me some time later after seeing my build threads pop up in his tireless search to source on for his build. After twisting my arm and negotiations, we made a deal and it went to him.

All I know is that all his research and many phone call have led to a dead end. They are no longer made and no one seems to have them laying around in a garage. Rob spent years searching before finding the one I had.

From when I installed it in my car...
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Very very nice, so clean too, yeah there like hen's teeth to find if at all ,
That thing looks awesome. Did you use your original visors
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