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Password JDM PowerChamber Intake
hey guys, have anyone here have a Password JDM Powerchamber intake in a EJ8 with a B18C? i have a JDM B18C GSR in my EJ8 with a Skunk 2 intake manifold. and i'm planning to get the Password JDM PowerChamber intake, but i'm not sure if i should be getting the one for the 94-01 Integra GSR because it's a B18C or if i should be getting the one for the 92-00 Civic intake because of the chassis confused0036 Does anyone know? Thanks!

Intake for the Integra

Intake for the Civic
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should match the motor not the chassis

I don't think the gsr one will work since its made for a factory intake manifold. I think you will need one for a b16 or b18 type r.

I think you will need this one with the skunk2 manifold.
I would also assume you would need the intake for the Type R/LS/RS since you have the Skunk2 intake manifold, but just to make sure I would give the guys at Password a call.
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