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Cheap Wayfarer Sunglasses Review
Let me start off by saying I am only making this to help the next person like myself that is searching for a cheap pair of wayfarer knockoffs that you wont be afraid to lose or break. I purchased both of these myself to compare for my own personal satisfaction. I accept no responsibility for what happens to your eyes if you use these rather than buying a $150 pair of ray-ban, oakley, etc.

That being said here we go...

[Image: riet7q.jpg]

Pair #1
Knockaround: Matte Black / POLARIZED Smoke Fort Knocks Polarized lenses UV400 protection FDA approved impact resistant lenses Matte finish
Bought from:
Price: $30.00 glasses + $5.37 shipping - $3.00 promo code = $32.37
Shipping time: 4 business days

Pair #2
zeroUV: BLACK FIRE Flat Matte Reflective Revo Color Lens Large Horn Rimmed Style Sunglasses - UV400 Description: 100% Protection Against Harmful UVA/UVB Rays Vintage Inspired Frame Design Smooth Matte Finish Reinforced Metal Hinges Lens Height:47mm Lens Width:58mm Bridge:13mm Frame Total:145mm
Bought from:
Price:$9.99 glasses + free shipping(with orders over $35.00 or prime) = $9.99
Shipping time: 3 business days

My opinion:
These sunglasses are almost identical in shape, size, weight, feel, and quality. They are both polycarbonate lenses rated at uv400 so they should both offer about the same amount of protection. (if i am wrong about this feel free to correct me)

I chose the dark "smoke" polarized knockarounds hoping they would be darker. People can see your eyes through these!!! (if i could do it again i would have ordered the polarized "sunset" version. Unfortunately knockaround does not do any returns or exchanges. The "Fire" reflective lense of the zeroUV is much more desirable in this aspect as for the most part people will not be able to see your wandering eyes through them.

they both have a similar matte finish. the knockarounds might be a little smoother. I like the traditional silver ovals with the zerouv stamped into the arms on the zeroUV as apposed to the gold rectangles and gold knockaround symbol glued on the knockarounds.

The knockarounds are definitely a step above as far as the hinges go. they seem sturdier and have some spring if you open them farther then you should where the zerouv just creak and feel like they will break if you open them too far.

The zeroUV came with a little microfiber bag with the pull string where the knockarounds came in a nicer slide in soft glasses case.

They fit about the same. I wear a 7 1/4 fitted hat and have a medium size nose bridge. Both pair fit me very comfortably.

Both pair will serve me well for what I need them for, plus I won't care if I lose or step on them. If I had to choose one over the other I would go with the zerouv for the price difference it is tough to argue with.
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i had a pair of knockarounds for about a week like 3 years ago. i wore them only while driving and they did their job. As mentioned build quality was alright, didn't feel like they'd break if i just threw them around. My ex took them one day we went to the beach and decided she wanted them and letting her shut up was easier than fighting over a cheap pair of knock off shades. I can't give much more of a review than that.

I do think however I paid more like $13 + $5 shipping for them. I guess the popularity warranted the mark up in their eyes, I wouldn't buy them for their current going rate. I just have a pair of griproyalxknux wood frames that I got with my wheel now. no idea on UV specs or anything, if they have any at all. They still work for driving when the sun is too low for the visors to be useful.

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def. dig those wood frames. probably about the same uv protection as the two I reviewed
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