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my riff raff
Been busy. Got me some cars. First is the new daily~ 99 si (that means yes in Espanol). Bought it rear ended in the drivers rear corner. Drives fine. 126k miles

came with... aem intake, greddy header (cracked), apexi exhaust (love), skunk 2 short shifter & knob (meh I don't like how stiff it is, and its quite a reach), real ctr headlights (read below), kyb agx adjustable coilovers, way too big wheels (already blew one chinese tire so running ep3 wheels for now...)

So the first time I drove at night I was like 'yo where are the headlights?' I tried adjusting them to absolutely no avail. They simply had no distinguished pattern, they were all over the place. I messed with it for a few days until I finally found that the bulbs weren't seated in their notches! They were just hanging around being held only by the rubber cap! Wow that was fun...

So far; changed the oil (20% marvel mystery), changed the trans oil (using stuff I had sitting around, now it grinds into second so I bought a case of Honda MTF), cleaned the interior, dyed the sunroof visor (because pepsi) and the headliner and carpet just a little bit, new brakes on all corners (it had sat for months and everything rusted up), putting on a new rear hub today...

first mod; cleaning out all the trash, including removal of viper alarm

[Image: qwerr7134.JPG]

kustom tailights baby

[Image: asdff121f.JPG]

aftermarket fogs

[Image: werttc00c.JPG]

nice speakers! although that emerald green matches my other civic better...

[Image: dfghhe1b2.JPG]

[Image: fghjj8e80.JPG]

washing the interior with everything out

[Image: zxcvvv9975.JPG]
And now... the car I'm really excited about...

can you guess it??

[Image: IMG_4838549e.JPG]

[Image: IMG_4837ddff.JPG]

[Image: IMG_4832fa4d.JPG]

[Image: IMG_483552d9.JPG]

[Image: IMG_48344de7.JPG]

[Image: IMG_48305f63.JPG]

[Image: IMG_48336ca2.JPG]

that's right! It's an 86 accord (so I can technically call it a hachi roku)

worst of the rust and a weird fuel leak, breather must be clogged

[Image: IMG_483602d7.JPG]

[Image: IMG_482994b3.JPG]

170k miles, doesn't run, a REAL DX, originally purchased in Seattle. This is honestly sort of a dream car of mine...
love flip up headlights
D16Y8 1999 SI, rear discs

i dont have any car buddies, none of my friends have a car. this is my only car talk spot.
yeah me too, especially on the ole nissan S13 pignose...

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQM8mVyOA1PT3OTuFZndoi...frImZmadE7]
looks like one helluva project.. including cancer!
I had a similar hatch CA5

Also I have an EBP EM1 currently
[Image: Signatureindy.jpg]
Hostility - 01-13-2011-07:17 -- Terry, You're so cool you need your own emoticon
Good job on saving the em1 , any future plans ?
[Image: a216bb94-9ac6-4b43-a7be-ffb3e02772d0_zps4a67a22f.jpg]
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