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Video: Dynosaur performance civic IFO Belle Rose 2015
Whats up squad long time no see, as some of you may know i sold the ej8 a while back and ended up buying a S14 and have been working on 2j swapping it. Not all is lost, fortunately I am able to to keep the Honda blood pumping threw my veins by being part of the Dynosaur Performance racing crew. With hard work, dedication and sacrifice we where able to win the 2014 national points champion ship for Import Face Off, and with a short off season we are back at it again in 2015.

as always if you ever see us at an event feel free to stop by and chat.

a little back ground on the car....
2000 civic SI
owned/driven/tuned by Clint Baird of Dynosaur performance
Golden Eagle sleeved 84mm gsr block
PPG gear box
comp clutch twin disc
24.5 tire
kingpin machine solid bushings
precision 7175
all fab and turbo kit done by Dynosaur performance
tuned on Motec M150 (first and only Bseries running this system)

well here is a video from this past Weekend of us taking our first victory of 2015 at IFO belle Rose,enjoy!

[Image: crop_zps209d4f12.png]
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That is f***ing badass! I had no idea GSR's were dipping into the 9's like that. Very impressive and beast build!
[Image: lugsig.jpg]
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