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Need help!! 99 ex coupe
I've got a 99 ex coupe and I replaced my driver side door because it had a huge dent in it and the door I got was off I believe a 97. I replaced all the controls and lock off my old door except the latch/lock. Now my locks don't work and my sunroof or driver side mirror don't work. Could anybody help me with this problem?
did u check the fuse?
Yeah I checked all fuses and plugs and all seem good. Everything worked perfect before I switched the doors and the original harness is the one off my old door. Could it be the lock that would cause this problem?
The wiring is different for 96-97 and 98+. wiring for the mirrors and locks changed. Connector C556 (door jamb) pin 15 (blu/blk) is for power mirrors on a 97, then changes to blu/red or blu/yel for power door locks on 98+. pin 21 (blu/yel) is for door locks on a 97, then changes to blu/blk or blu/wht for mirrors on 98+

**Edit** Okay, I should have read better. You posted you used your original harness, so NVM.

were there any broken wires in the jamb to door portion of the harness?

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