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Window falling off track - perm solution (theory)
Many of us 96-00 civic coupe owners are familar with this annoying issue. Occassionally, we have to realign the driver side window on its front rubber track and re-lube it. Personally I have to do it about once every 6 months. There are many tips and tricks online about this topic but none seem to be a permanent solution.. At least not for me. I've tried the washer trick. I've tried replacing the track.. Nothing seems to last though. Well this weekend I was going to realign my window and lube up the track since it fell off again but I decided to figure out something that might last longer. So I did realign the window and then consciously observed it's movements as it went up and down. I noticed that when the window is all the way down, shortly after it starts going up the window kind of rocks forward in a quick motion in the track and then continues to go up normally.

My theory is that the window has too much excess space near the front bottom to fall out of place and it falls out during that rocking motion. The metal track holder even bends slightly forward. I figured if I can reduce the space it has to travel it might help.

I pulled the metal track out (the one thats closer to the front end)
[Image: 8VV2h.gif]
(part #6 in the diagram)

So what I did to reduce the space was drill a hole right of the existing hole. This way it had a few mm's less space at the bottom front.
[Image: IMAG0653_zps63quvnae.jpg]
I put it back in the door. Re-attached the rubber piece. Sprayed the rubber track generously with some silicone lube. Then realigned the window in the track. Finally I lined up the metal track holder's new hole I made with the hole in the door and used a 10mm bolt with a nut in the rear to tighten it.

After doing this I notice the rocking motion is less harsh so I'm guessing that it might effectively solve the problem or at least prevent it from happening as much.
I just did this yesterday and so far no problems.
While I can't offically vouche for this as a permanent solution. I will keep you guys posted over time to let you know how its holding up.
If I find that this method does work effectively, I will release a DIY on it next time I decide to lube the track.

I want to hear your thoughts squad.
-Jay was here
i know exactly the popping part your talking about. I'm very interested in the outcome of this.
[Image: 36362342012_1d0dc66730.jpg]
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I use real sexy silicone lube on the rubber tracks and havent had an issue in over a year.

I figure if its a PITA to wash off me, it'll stay on track :Thumbup:
LMAO. Never thought about that.
[Image: 36362342012_1d0dc66730.jpg]
••••Bags are for the weak, drive it how you park it!! "Static All Day", it's a lifestyle!••••
Lmao haha great way to think about it Rob ha

I actually just had to put mine back on the track for the first time lol
Hmm that might be a good idea too but the window would still have that pop when going up so it could still potentially fall out of place over time even if you use all the lube in the world.

I might try that though just to keep the windows rolling up fast. I hate when they get slow.
-Jay was here
i dont have any pop, just slow performance before the sexy time lube fixed it
I don't know if it affect the rubber that's used on our window tracks but doesn't oil or lubricant dry out the rubber hence making it even worse once it dries up/wipes off?
I was going to buy new tracks for my doors also but I'll have to try this.
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Update: My window is still holding up strong hasnt fell off track or slowed down and I havent lubed it or touched it since 3/2. I still do not hear or see it do that popping motion. I'm assuming this is going to last much longer.

However I'm selling the car so unfortunately I wont be able to find out if this was a permanent solution. Sad

Hopefully someone else is willing to give this a try so ej8 owners can all put this problem to rest.
-Jay was here

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