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Dutch Guy is back!
Hi guys, don't know if there are Dutch guys around here..
I'm Mark, 24.. got an Milano red '98 ej6.

[Image: 1013636_839193359456810_7555967329436467746_n.jpg]

mods so far:
-darkhousing headlights
-Spoon Sports replica mirrors
-shortshifter+mugen replica shiftknob (black)
-skunk2 coilovers
-OEM cupholder and armrest.

My first ride was an EJ9 hatchback 1.4i S.
after that I had a Mazda but kicked that one out fast because of engine problems on it.

looking for a nice wheel setup to get a kind of stance look on it[/php] and look from there on out what will be the next step.
welcome! is that a 2 or 4 door? I love the milano red. My gf used to have one and i just picked up a black one, but I'd trade for red in a heartbeat!!!! I don't usually see that grill on 2 doors, is that aftermarket? What are your plans?
Its a 2 door coupe haha.
The grill was stock, in Europe at least I guess.
these are some things I have in mind in the future:
-the wheelsetup that I want to finish next month (if I only knew what wheels..)
-grip royal steering wheel (wood on black)
-twin loop silencer (SRS or OBX)
that's what pops in mind right now haha
It didn't even dawn on me that was a European Civic...Loving that license plate...we get lame rectangular ones in the U.S (that everyone tries to hide LOL ). Nice plans so far.
Haha here in the Netherlands we love those small rectangular plates.
Hard to get a nice clean front while having half of the bumper being taken over by a huge yellow plate..
Any of you guys have any suggestion for a nice wheelsetup ??
Welcome! What size/style of wheel did you have in mind?
[Image: pzLfBoW.jpg]
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I was thinking 16x8 with an offset around et25/20.
I'm looking for a long time but can't seem to find the right wheels in my opinion.
Welcome, 16's look good on our cars. Nice username by the way, Haha

[Image: 10300255746_8c9451cfc6_c.jpg]
[Image: a216bb94-9ac6-4b43-a7be-ffb3e02772d0_zps4a67a22f.jpg]
Quality > Quantity
Welcome aboard!
[Image: 34070561026_c6cd5f9c03.jpg]
Welcome to the community Mark.
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