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Underground Hip-Hop
Sup guys,

Real hip-hop has always existed in the underground. Personally my favorite artists are lyricists. I don't care for catchy flows or auto-tune. I'm not a fan of new age mainstream hip-hop for various reasons but let's start with the obvious reasons that everyone can relate to. Mainstream hip hop generally promotes 3 main topics degrading women, drug usage/sales (commonly referred to as "trap", I wonder why...), and violence. Modern mainstream music adds the club scene into the music to make it more annoying. Modern hip hop artists use less and less vocabulary with every hit effectively dumbing down the American population and it's mainly targeting the youth. Plus many mainstream rappers have satanic vibes in their music.

I miss old school Hip Hop when it was puree from the soul, untampered with. Even if it was mainstream it still could include a powerful message. This was the era when hip hop actually meant something.
HIP-HOP "Higher Infinite Power Healing Our People"
(Professor Griff, of Public Enemy).

Can you honestly say this about modern hip hop? Not really, it's more like the opposite.

Over the past 2-3 years many of my favorite underground artists have gone mainstream and their music has gone downhill ever since. I'm losing a lot of of faith of the future of hip-hop. Underground and mainstream.

I'm here seeking some help from the squad. If anyone here has similar views about hip hop your input will be greatly appreciated.

Does anyone know of any good underground hip-hop artists that actually promote positive energy and/or lyrics?

Do not reply mentioning typical artists like Rick Ross, Kanye, Jay-Z, J. Cole , Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, Drake, Wiz Khalifa, or Lil' Wayne.. And if you feel offended because I just listed one of your favorite artists I will laugh at you. Yes, some of these artists used to be good, but not anymore. Kendrick used to rap about being relevant now he's sold his soul to the devil and raps about swimming in pools of liquor... Don't believe Kendrick sold his soul? Check out this track "Vanity Slaves Pt. 2" so you can hear him admit it himself. And I dont mean to pick on Kendrick specifically, all of those artists have sold their souls. This is not the thread for you if you believe these rappers produce good quality music that you wouldn't mind your kids listening to. This thread is for those of us who know the difference between "real" hip hop (Higher Infinite Power Healing Our People) and the garbage the radio & MTV puts out.

Also, If you could explain your take on hip hop (past, present, and/or future) it would be interesting to get some different perspectives.

-Jay was here
ive been in and around the hip hop scene for a little but i dont swim in it, just dabbed my feet. my best buddy for the last 8 years or so, hes been heavy in the underground hip hop for a while, he used to rap (still does) but primary has been focused on producing beats for the last couple year. he has a positive message i believe, he knows about the modern rap elements of degrading woman, money and drugs, and stays away from lame fame raps and stuff.

i cant say i know to many underground artist because really i dont know what i dont know, but i know that the hip hop genre for the last long time has been really slacking and i feel embarrassed for every bigwig that has had to sell out just to put food on their table (which i dont think was that hard for them anyways)

now i didnt write this for a plug but if you want to check out my buddy he maintains his own website he also promote some of his videos talking about secrets of power and mind freeing kind of stuff ("conspiracy" kind of stuff)
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Cool, Ill have to check him out later tonight when I get a chance.
Also I don't mind plugs for local artists or friends.
Just looking for good music, keep em coming!
Dont be afraid to mention artists, Im open to many different styles, backgrounds, etc.

Rep for anyone who recommends good artists.

I currently listen to artists including K-Rino, Dizzy Wright, Hopsin, Cannabis, Public Enemy, Nas, curren$y, Chamillionaire, Futuristic, Immortal Technique, Big K.R.I.T (somewhat, he's gone mainstream lately). Other old school artists.

Personally I believe K-Rino owns the underground. He's one of the only rappers that I can confidently say will never sell out.
-Jay was here

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